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Director & Producer of the film "Divine Nectar: A Guide to Female Ejaculation"

Tallulah of "Divine Nectar: A Guide to Female Ejaculation"

You can listen to free episodes of Sexploration with Monika right now on We discuss a wide range of relationship, sex, gender, pleasure, and empowerment-realetd topics, like tantra, female ejaculation or “squirting”, orgasmic birth, The Masturbate-A-Thon with Nina Hartley, the Anti-Rape Condom, Masculinism (what men get out of being liberated from gender roles), BDSM, the Sex Geek Potluck (15 sexperts: porn star/physicist team makes scientific orgasm-measuring tech, tantric healers, dominatrix, lesbian-werewolf socially-concious erotica writer, male-submission activist, & sex-worker activists) bondage, play parties or “orgies”, whether SIZE matters, sexual assault & healing, safety and erotic breath play, why a person with want to be a “gimp,” wanting spankings for christmas, sex & technology (sex robots), consent, consent, consent, negotiation, orgasmic meditation, safer sex with Hepatitis and HIV prevention… and more!

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Podcast: XXXmas at Sexploration with Monika’s Supperclub Bondage Dinner (part 1)

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On this episode of Sexploration with Monika, recorded at the Supperclub Bondage dinner, Santa’s elves take the big man *down!* Festive shenanigans at Supperclub’s Xxxmas Dinner. Interviews with sexy Santa Jack Hammer, Kinky Salon’s Professor Dandy, Fleur DeLis, Kracker the Klown, Rick Umbaugh, a snowball fight with Crisco and wax play, and scary consensual spankings, oh my! Plus, more festive freaky fun at Kinky Salon’s Whobilation!
The Bondage Dinner is a monthly evening of exquisite dining, cutting-edge art performance, and use-all-5-senses sensationalism at Supperclub San Francisco. Photos of the bondage dinner: December Dinner or  Best of Bondage Dinner Join us for an extra-epic night on December 3rd with live suspension bondage, festively fetishtastic holiday mischief, and 4 courses of outrageous beauty!


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